Manifesto – Threadom


Descended from greatness and destined
for it too. Striving to make the ancestors
proud. It’s not easy being the light in the
darkness but you remember to look within.

To a strength so powerful, so inspiring,
it seems magical. And together, we’re
unstoppable. It’s no wonder they use
every trick in the book to divide us.
Separating us from our motherland
and all her resources.

Placing us west, east, north, and south.
Forgetting the single thread, our bloodline,
will always connect us. Just one thread can
strengthen the bind of our torn fabric,
together we can mend what was ripped apart.

We don’t have to touch the same soil or
even speak the same tongue. We know
who we are and we know the game.

We are royalty. With revolutionary minds and
generous hearts we’ll continue to create a
better world for future generations.
We ignore the naysayers, resist oppression,
and we reign on.


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