Our Purpose

Threadom®, pronounced Thred · dm, is a realm for the royal-minded people of the African Diaspora. We're a black-owned apparel brand using style to grow the connection among the people of the diaspora. Through style, Threadom brings awareness and generosity to the not so well known organizations putting in work to build and strengthen our most vulnerable communities in Africa and the Diaspora.

We believe the people of the diaspora are all connected by a single thread. That thread is our African DNA, which binds us. It’s our responsibility to remain connected to our origin and care for one another despite our differences – we are royalty.

To show support, Threadom donates proceeds to our featured charity to help support the growth and development of Africa and the African Diaspora community. By bringing more awareness to causes and contributing to their continued success, we hope to inspire others to continually impact the community.

Through our style and influence, we encourage our Threadom tribe of Royals to LIVE with purpose, INSPIRE others, and REIGN in this world as the kings and queens we know our people to be.

Join Threadom on this journey to build connection within the community through acts of generosity. Help us strengthen the African Diaspora lineage, make our communities a better place and slay while doing it.






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